Five Friends: If I Were President

From Larry Winget: A 10%, across the board, cut on ALL government spending. Everyone and everything in government bites the bullet equally with no playing favorites. There is plenty of waste in government and 10% is a great starting place. Incentivize businesses to grow, hire, create and manufacture. You can fix a whole lot that […]

It’s time to disrupt “disruption”…

If there is a word in today’s vernacular that is speeding toward the boundary at the junction between trite and meaningless…it’s that flavor-of-the-times business term, “disruption.” It’s the latest in the “excellence,” “good to great,” “management by walking around,” “one minute manager,” “think outside the box” pantheon of business guru greatest hits.  Some of those touting […]

New Trends in Leadership: Five Friends

INSIGHTS ON BUSINESS AND LIFE FROM FIVE BEST-SELLING AUTHORS, SPEAKER HALL OF FAME RECIPIENTS, INTERNATIONALLY-ACCLAIMED BUSINESS CONSULTANTS AND BEST BUDDIES. From Scott McKain: My buddy, former Vietnam POW Charlie Plumb, called me last week. “Since you’re in town, why don’t you come over for dinner? My friend Dick, you and I can grab something.” Sounded […]